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So, I rest my situation – Though this incident shows that Mr. Doostzadeh is unconstructive, biased and ideologically determined, as he is attempting to dispute every thing and something, with no benefit in doing this.

” If we seasoned an precise chief ethics officer, with means, most people would see a new degree of transparency that might make their heads spin, but that’s wandering off on a tangent.

Also the subsequent post need to be adequate for this human being to halt pushing his unscholarly viewpoint and decide and selecting which scholars he likes or won't like.

In truth Azerbaijani and USSR scholars built quite a few Bogus verses and attributed to Nizami with Untrue meanings. If Nizami was mad with the Shirvanshah, he would at the least say a single line of negativity (carry the initial Persian) about him, Whilst he has 90 lines praising him! Indeed it can be unhappy when anyone like Mr. Baguirov cannot browse Persian or else I am not guaranteed just after reading through the 90 strains of praises, he would think this kind of false tales.

16) Ultimately, what's seemingly “insulting” and “derogatory” to Mr. Doostzadeh and different modern day Persian racists with reference to portrayal of Turks in Nizami’s Khamse is in fact greatly liked by those Turks them selves – naturally, this is due to various idea of the connotations and meanings that Nizami put into that phrase. Exactly what is “insulting” to a Persian when Nizami writes a few “Turkish conquest/invasion/incursion” (“Torktaz” and “Torktazi”), is actually appreciated and preferred by an Azerbaijani, because from The entire context in the poems, as is affirmed by scholars, Nizami inputs solely favourable connotation to that phrase and people seemingly “violent” and therefore “negative” conditions.

Translation: Each and every word of that letter is like a blossomed back garden, all of it is more vivid compared to the lights which have been lit at night.

Nizami Ganjavi will never be Element of Turkish tradition mainly because he contributed to Persian culture. He lives by way of his medium of expression and also the culture that he enriched.

eight) We do not would like to set 100 traces of bickering about Nizami’s ethnicity during the Wikipedia post. Folks which will browse his poems will basically determine it out what lifestyle he belonged to. Even Stalin claimed that Nizami had Turkish operates, when no scholar normally takes this kind of make a difference very seriously, since Turkish poetry initial confirmed up inside the area all through Ilkhanid era. We have now agreed with other consumers not to produce this information about Nizamis ethnicity but about Nizami Ganjavi. I can come with hordes of arguments. Like why would Nizami constantly praise Ferdowsi along with the Persian nationalistic dynasty on the Sassanids. Or why did he belittle Turks by means of Shirvanshah and praised the ShirvanShah. Or why he will not even have just one verse in Turkish. And why he derides the Khaghan of Turks so terribly. And why he has composed that he has seemed by means of Persian, Arabic, Bukhari, Tabari sources, although not Turkish.

Still The ten% that remains you need to know and not deny that it doesn’t exist – go through the exact same Dastgirdi or Nafisi for a person about the lyrical poems with the Divan (which they independent into quite a few categories ranging from one hundred% Nizami’s to “probably/likely” Nizami’s as well as more than likely not Nizami’s. That's no distinctive from 5 poems in essence – there far too some ideologically determined scribers designed improvements and inserted various couples, like with Qom.

37) On the issue of Bukhari and Tabari languages, yet again the verse of Nizami might be interpreted In any event and continues to be by some Iranian scholars. Indeed Mr. Baguirov who doesn't know Persian and had mistakes Jamshid for Keykhusraw is in no posture to evaluate! There is not any this sort of factor in this article as “Skilled” translators. Scholars can vary within the that means of a verse and This is actually the situation With this way. Indeed distinctive English translation of Rumi present quite diverse divergences in certain features. According to the languages of historical Tabari and Bukhari (Soghdian), They are really really various than Persian Get More Info While Iranian. In truth Kurdish is way closer to Persian than both of these languages.

estimate: "Considerable responses and corrections are needed to Ali Doostzadeh’s converse, considering the fact that he possibly is quite partial, preferring to concentrate on 1 and not One more, or seriously misinterprets some facts or mistranslates and misattributes, or is outright Phony on Other individuals. This is a continuation of the final plan of chauvinism, discrimination and racism shown by some extremists and which leads to the well-acknowledged activities underway at this moment in South Azerbaijan’s (North Iran) towns of Tabriz and Urmiya, exactly where one hundred,000’s Azerbaijanis are protesting the denial of their essential rights and general discrimination with the Iranian government and handful of Persian chauvinists (chauvinism, an Intense kind of nationalism, is present in all cultures and other people, certainly not limited to any one nation specifically).

It is over again funny to study Mr. Doostzadeh’s baseless assault on me: “4) The user promises that I claimed Nizamis 3rd wife was Afaq. This is certainly merely a false lie…” Frankly, I am Bored with Mr. Doostzadeh’s groundless accusations and outright falsifications, and want him to examine his own text and print them out for far better memory and comprehension: “There may be also a theory put forth via the Azarbaijan republic Students that Nizami's third wife could have been Turkish of Qipchaq” Ali doostzadeh 08:forty four, 18 May possibly 2006 (UTC)

Since we realize that Appaq was uneducated and through the steppes (she was a slave specified to Nizami via the Derbent ruler), which generally meant she knew only her native language, Turki, and she obviously called herself – as did Nizami in his also native Turki – Appaq, rather than Afak.

ten) Yet again I make the statement that there does not exist any Azarbaijani Turkish literature ahead of the Ilkhanids from Azarbaijan. Dede-Korkut Incidentally utilizes the word Istanbul (a expression all around only about 500 yrs back) and Farooq Summer time has set it way just after Nizami. Its oldest manuscript (and I think there is see post only one and two) is just not that aged. Dede Korkut has three hundred Arabic text and 160 look here Persian words and phrases which displays that it formulated way following. These Arabic terms and Persian text didn't exist through 1300 decades back during the Oghuz language as well as the tales of Dede Korkord are indeed totally extremely diverse compared to the tales of Nizami in lots of respects.

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